MoritzaMiniatures Collection

Bespaq is proud to introduce our newest collection, designed by the well known and amazingly talented Moritza Moran.

Morita and Bespaq have worked together for months to produce a collection which is outstanding in many ways.  First, as always, the quality is of the finest calibur.  Second, the pallette is soft and neutral, perfect for any setting and particularly adaptable for those who love to refinish or reupholster.  And third, you will find that EVERY piece in the collection can be coordinated with the others.  Choose the table you like and then select your favorite chairs and hutch.  Or mix it up by substituting a bench for the chairs.  The possibilities are endless.  We know you will be thrilled to add these pieces to your collection.

To download an inspiration  "look" book showning various combinations of these new pieces, CLICK HERE. 

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