About Us

Bespaq International Corporation has been serving the miniature industry as a wholesale company for more than three decades. We design and bring to life superior quality miniature furniture that has become the most sought after line of small scale furniture in the world today.

Our founder, Jayme "Pitt" Ginsburg, set industry standards through his commitment to three essential and principles integrity, innovative design and unparalleled quality control. Bespaq furniture is distinguished from all other furniture through our continued commitment to Pitt's guiding.

The Bespaq line is further distinguished from all others by the exclusive use of our family owned facility where highly skilled craftsmen have a combined experience of over 200 years. Each trained craftsman, from hand carvers to hand painters, assemblers to upholsterers, has been personally chosen. The majority of our craftsmen have been with us since the very beginning of the company. Don't be misled... OUR factory manufactures exclusively for US.  While our designs are sometimes copied, our quality is never equalled.

Unequalled experience in fine handcrafting teamed with transcending designs ensures that Bespaq will remain the world's leader in miniature furniture production and sales. Our founder's legacy endures through today's collaborations between lead designers, Dale Kendall, and President, Shawn Flading. From their creative hands, Bespaq will continue to bring the very best in miniature furniture to collectors everywhere.